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And I Quote:

Beauty. It is the pillow, or the pin-cusion, of our species, which has never been able to desist from hating in the name of love, lying in the name of truth, earning money in the name of serving, exploiting in the name of solicitude, killing in the name of life, spoiling in the name of saving, suppressing in the name of freedom, and acting foolishly in the name of responsibility.    The path to the ‘happy’ experience of the Beautiful leads through a conflict-ridden experience of it, whether repressed or accepted.    In other words, it asks of Man whether and to what extent he is prepared to live eye to eye with his contradiction, and – conscious of this contradiction – remain vigilant about what he is up to.



And I Quote:

“As the apparatus of music becomes less apparent, particularly in the digital domain, so sound becomes more completely itself, the purest manifestation of a disembodied, time based art. Freed from the distraction of ranked violinists dressed in black and white sawing at their instruments, guitarists leaping around on stage, entire typing pools of keyboard players, choreographed dancers, drum risers, video walls and pyrotechnics, the intangible core of music, the part that makes people close their eyes when they listen, is allowed its full power… ”

David Toop, Haunted Weather, p.14