Monthly Archives: July 2011

A Voice Through the Sound

Hundreds of people milling about, eating squid from sticks and ogling tricked out sports cars that blare subby rap music.  Bright fluorescent lights powered by noisy generators shine down on kettle corn vendors and portable bank machines.  And in one nook, four stalls, each with it’s own mic and MC, but there is one man that outshines them all.


Safety First

Child Bike Helmet

Trying to capture the feeling of flying down a hill on a rickety bicycle.

Under the Bridge

Where I Was in Stanley Park

Stopped to get the sound of cars running over the bridge.  Ended up with a movement in Nature’s symphony.  The sound of a spot underneath the Stanley Park Causeway in Vancouver, BC. Untouched and unedited.

Street Piano

A young woman playing piano on Bloor St. outside Future Cafe

A Song Unheard

Hide and seek. Wind and traffic in concert.  A small part of the world moving for no one to hear, except us.